Hutterite Colony Subject of National Geographic Documentary

By Associated Press

Jeff Collins, the director of the National Geographic Channel production, said the film will show Hutterite people telling their own story without an outside narrator. The series will be told through the colony members' words and day-to-day interactions.

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How many chances is the world going to give this poor woman?

By Ashley Arpel

How many chances is the world going to give this poor woman? With the undying help of her ex-husband, Jon, Kate Gosselin has proven herself to be an ill-equipped and unsympathetic mother to her brood of 8. With cameras following her family's every move, and then her pathetic attempt at busting a move on "Dancing with the Stars", I'd say America is pretty embarrassed to call this woman a celebrity.

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Just 72 days after her $10 million dollar fairy tale wedding, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce

By Kelley Oorloff

Just 72 days after her $10 million dollar fairy tale wedding, to my surprise Kim Kardashian filed for divorce.

Personally, I think this was her plan from the start. Boost ratings, make millions and then split, but I thought they would at least last a year.

According to Kim she can't handle Kris Humphries mooching and partying due to all his free time, thanks to the NBA lockout, and they are splitting up due to irreconcilable differences.

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My newest obsession:

By Kelley Oorloff

Tired of searching on Facebook and Twitter to find your favorite celebrities fan pages amidst the numerous fake accounts created by fans, like me? Look no longer, because is my newest obsession.

The website personally invites celebrities to join their social network and creates their profile custom fit to what they like. Linking their Facebook, YouTube and any of their personal accounts to their Who Say page so fans don't have to be unsure if it's their idol, or some teenager behind a computer screen.

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Yahoo's newest app, IntoNow

By Kelley Oorloff

Recently Yahoo launched its newest app, IntoNow. IntoNow is what I would call the lazy man's search engine. While watching Desperate Housewives to Sunday night football, IntoNow will find information that is relevant to your favorite television shows.

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Collins Avenue Promotes a Pair of Execs

By Tim Baysinger - Broadcasting & Cable

Reality producer Collins Avenue announced Tuesday the promotion of two executives: Mike Aho to VP, factual programming and Michael Hammond to VP, production.

Aho was formerly VP of development; the new role gives him oversight of production as well. Hammond, who was the executive-in-charge of production, now will oversee all of Collins Avenue's programming.

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Collins Avenue Promotes Reality Executives

By Marissa Graziadio

LOS ANGELES: The reality production company Collins Avenue, co-owned by Content Media Corporation, has upped Mike Aho to VP of factual programming and Michael Hammond to VP of production.

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Discovery Communications' Networks Unveil Upfront Slates

By Nellie Andreeva

Discovery Communications' networks will hold their upfront presentation in New York this afternoon. Here is the new programming they will be announcing. (The slate for OWN's, Discovery's co-venture with Oprah Winfrey's Harpo, was announced separately.)

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Animal Planet is getting real with taxidermy

By Sam Thielman

Animal Planet is getting real with taxidermy | Cabler greenlights new series 'Dead'

Animal Planet has greenlit eight hourlong episodes of taxidermy reality series "Romance Is Dead" (working title) from reality shingle Collins Avenue and exec producer Jeff Collins.

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Talking TV With 'Fly Girls' Executive Producer Jeff Collins

By Lacey Rose - Forbes Mag

The producer talks about reality TV's struggles, his arrangement with Virgin and the phenomenon that is ''Jersey Shore.'

Jeff Collins' latest TV project, Fly Girls, has been dubbed "The Hills at 35,000 feet."

The reality show, which will have its premiere on March 24 on the CW, offers a window into the world of five predictably attractive Virgin America flight attendants. The cameras have captured their every day, both on the planes and off.

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'Outrageous Kid Parties' sneak peek at series finale

By Breia Brissey, Entertainment

Jeff Collins, an executive producer of Outrageous Kid Parties, spoke with EW about the concept for the show and about the cultural phenomenon of outrageous spending for these over-the-top celebrations. “Are they going too big or are they over-doing it? Are they creating monsters? I don’t know, but I think it’s interesting,” Collins says.

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TLC's 'Outrageous Kid Parties': A celebration of excess (that I'll probably watch

By Sandra Gonzalez

My best birthday ever took place at a Jungle Jim’s Playland in San Antonio, which in retrospect was actually a pretty shady place. But when I was seven years old, I loved it. It was simple, age-appropriate fun that I wouldn’t trade for the world even now. That’s why my soul died a little when I read about TLC’s new (efficiently titled) new show,Outrageous Kid Parties.

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How To Piss Away $32,000 On A Six-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

By Tracie Egan Morrissey

The sickest thing about TLC's new reality show Outrageous Kid Parties was not witnessing a mother go disgustingly overboard or that the little girl (obviously) didn't appreciate the extravagance of it all, seeing as she's a very young child, and she instead bitched about a piece of her birthday cake not being the right color.

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$32,000 Birthday Bash on 'Outrageous Kid Parties

By Meg Swertlow, ET Online

These parties are truly, truly outrageous! Gone are the days of moon bounces, creepy clowns and homemade goodies, you have now entered a universe in which horse-drawn Cinderella carriages, elaborate fairy castles and a $32,000 price tag is the new status quo for a 6-year-old's birthday party.

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TLC takes it to a new level with series debut ‘Outrageous Kid Parties’

By Bill Gorman

4 part series to premiere following all new Cake Boss on 2/21 at 9:30PM (ET/PT)

Los Angeles, CA – TLC announced that it will premiere new series OUTRAGEOUS KID PARTIES on February 21st at 9:30 PM (ET/PT). The show will introduce viewers to families who spend a small fortune to give their kids the celebration of a lifetime – even if that child’s lifetime has only been six years thus far. Four 30 minute episodes have been ordered and will premiere on February 21st at 9:30 PM (ET/PT) only on TLC.

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CW's flight attendant docu-series 'Fly Girls' set to debut midseason

By Mike Bruno

The CW announced today that its new docu-series Fly Girls, which gives a glimpse into the lives of five “beautiful Virgin America flight attendants,” is set to debut midseason. The network describes the series as being “about real, down-to-earth young women who happen to have landed in an exceptionally glamorous, high-flying career filled with exotic locations and handsome strangers.”

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Flight Attendents, Please Prepare For Your Reality Show

They should call it: The Hills in the Sky!!!

The CW is adding a new reality show to it's roster. This one will follow flight attendants who work for Virgin America Airlines. It's name: Fly Girls!

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CW high on "Fly Girls" - Network teams with Virgin on show

By Michael Schneider

They were once called stewardesses until the unisex term “flight attendant” came into fashion. Now the CW has a new name for them: fly girls.

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CW Reality Series Takes Flight

Alex Weprin

The CW has given a green light to a half-hour unscripted series, Fly Girls. The midseason series will follow flight attendants on Virgin America. The airline sees the series as a part of its larger marketing effort.

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