Dance Moms The Musical Part 3 - Earn that Puppy

By The Laurie Beechman Theatre

Hilarious take on the Candy Apple feud with ALDS, from Dance Moms The Musical.

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Dance Moms Miami Bonus Clip - Lucas the Boy Dancer


Bonus Clip from Ep. 107

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Latest Dance Moms Parody (VIDEO)

By Youtube

Another DANCE MOMS parody... this one's cute. We love the young fans !

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Dance Moms Mentioned on 30 Rock! (VIDEO)

By Lindsay Schwartz

My worlds have collided!

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American Colony: Meet the Hutterites (VIDEO) (2)

By NatGeo

Exclusive first look at our show - American Colony: Meet the Hutterites

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Dance Moms Mentioned on Community (VIDEO)


The ultimate head nod. A mention from both 30 Rock and Community. Awesome!

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Inside Look at the New American Colony

By Michael Starr

Get ready for a very personal look at a community you’ve never seen before on TV — or anywhere else, for that matter.

National Geographic Channel’s “American Colony: Meet the Hutterites,” a 10-episode docu-series premiering this Tuesday (10 p.m.), goes inside King Colony, a 59-person Hutterite community in Montana that’s let cameras into its world for the first time.

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Impact Dance Studio wins $2K in front of ‘Dance Moms’

By Lloyd Nelson

Collins Avenue gives back ($$$) in a big way.

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Abby Lee Miller the Dance Whisperer

By Kate Mooney

The second season of Lifetime’s hit reality series “Dance Moms” closed with egocentric, domineering dance instructor Abby Lee Miller having a breakdown.

After months of showing favoritism, shushing dance moms and barking orders in her raspy, overused voice, Miller abandoned her kids in the middle of a New York dance competition and jetted home — a shocking cliffhanger that will keep fans panting until the show returns this summer.


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Stevie TV does a Dance Moms Parody (VIDEO)

By Stevie TV

We are honored to have Stevie TV parady Dance Moms. This is show is brilliant!

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Victor Smalley says Abby Lee Miller is more ...

By Jen Harper

How does your teaching style differ from Abby's?  
I think the main difference between my teaching style and Abby's is I'm very hands on, and I think this can make my job a lot easier. Also, it's my philosophy to allow my students to find themselves as artists. They shouldn't be like each other; they should be unique.

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Reviews of Dance Moms Miami - Really?!

By Jeff Collins

The people we feature on FACTUAL TV shows are mild compared to the characters who populate political talk radio and TV. If you want to write about people who are really outrageous write about politicians.

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Rosie & Daniel from American Stuffers (VIDEO)

By HuffPo

The cast of American Stuffers was on the Rosie Show.

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Collins Avenue is One of Real Screens Top 100

By Barry Walsh

Prodcos that are no strangers to the Global 100 thanks to the consistent quality of their work, year after year. You’ll also see some first-time additions to the list, which we have identified with an asterisk (*). In both cases, these are companies that have proven themselves to be creative, trustworthy and inspiring producers to those who matter most – their colleagues in the industry, and viewers around the world.

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Holly talks supporting Nia, overcoming Abby

By HuffPo

Sister 2 Sister asked Holly Frazier, the proud mother of dancer Nia, if what’s on TV is true to life. Is Abby Lee really that bad? What are her goals for her daughter, and what does she think when Abby tells her daughter, “Your mom doesn’t love you”?

Check it out.

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Dance Moms Plastic Surgery Controversy

By HuffPo

'Dance Moms': Plastic Surgery Themed Dance Routine Is Abby Lee Miller's Latest Controversial Creation

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Content Media Corp Aims to Ease Target Entertainment’s Admin Problems

By Stuart Kemp

Content Media Corporation, the U.K. stock listed sales, finance and production banner, has signed an exclusive deal with the joint administrators of loss-making British TV sales and finance house Target Entertainment and Minotaur International.

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One Week away from Dance Moms Miami Premiere

By Lifetime

Lifetime has found success with Dance Moms so, quite naturally, they’ve ordered a spin-off. Dance Moms: Miami will debut on April 3rd, following the 90-minute, second season finale of Dance Moms. The cable channel has ordered a six episode season of the spin-off to start.

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Introducing Dance Moms Miami(VIDEO)

By Lifetime


Premiering April 3rd

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