Having it all ain't all it's cracked up to be. -- TDQ 103 Recap

By Allison Lehman

This episode of The Drama Queen focuses on family vs faux. In Hollywood, the job of instilling family values can be tricky. The lights of the media and entertainment industry shine brightest here, making it difficult to decipher between what is real and what is fake. Though it may seem like Marki Costello has it all, having it all doesn’t always mean getting what you want. What Marki lacks in face time she makes up for in abundance by projecting a paradigm of what is real and valuable not only onto her employees and clients, but most importantly to her family. Watching as employee Michelle tried to handle an up and coming Hollywood “momager” with a straight forward discussion, it is easy to see Marki’s influence. It is disgusting to believe that parents are going so far as to distort the natural beauty of their children (i.e. going to a plastic surgeon) all in the name of fame. I am happy to see that Marki is above the Hollywood stereotypes and even encourages her employees to be happy with themselves as they are. As we begin to watch the interoffice relationships build it will be interesting to see who / what is real and what is faux. Marki is truly my role model and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. Ready, set, wait.


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