Get into the sack with Marki. - TDQ Ep. 2 Recap

By Jorge Leon

Kirby is what Marki Costello calls Natural Beauty; she even tells her that she is 'Money Honey.'  Marki wants Kirby to do some modeling headshots, and she puts Jacobi in charge.  She wants two looks, commercial and theatrical.  All Natural.  She wants her to be more marketable and be able to submit her to many different jobs, as the girl next door. 

Take a look below, I'd have to agree with Marki.

Kirby Johnson2

But Jacobi at the photo shoot decides to ignore Marki’s advice (tsk tsk) of going with the all-natural look, and makes an executive decision to give Kirby a fake California Tan. 

When Marki sees the result of Kirby’s headshots with her new tan look.  She flips out.  She wanted young natural girl next door.  He gave her a fake California Tan.  Jacobi loved it, but Marki hated it, and she is the boss.

The next potential client is Sloane.  She is a beautiful girl.  She has been featured in what she calls ghetto music videos.  She loves her long hair.  Marki is really concerned about Sloane.  She says she is a month away from being a call girl, stripper, or paid escort just to pay her rent, so Marki is really concerned about her and calls her into her office for an appointment.

She suggests a makeover.  She wants Sloane to get rid of everything that is fake on her.  No extensions, no heavy make up, no fake nails.  She wants Sloane to cut her hair and get a pixie cut, which she feels will be more commercial and that she will be able to play many different looks/roles.

At the salon Sloane freaks out and does not want her hair cut so short.  She feels a pixie cut will make her look like a lesbian. She also claims that guys only like girls with long hair and that’s why she has extensions in her hair.  She makes Marki drive out to the salon, as Jacobi and Michelle cannot convince her to go through with the cut. 

When Marki gets there, there is still more drama, as Sloane can’t stop crying about her new shorter hair.  After a while Marki finally calms her down and moves her over to make up, and Sloane looks a bit more comfortable with the new do.  

Check out a recent pic of Sloane's new do... What do you think? 

Sloane Brown
Doesn't she look GREAT!?!


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