Reality Tv News for October 21-25

By Kamico Drakes

Let's start from the bottom up, and see what there is to talk about.

October21 25

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Our office manager Casaundra Alcantar is just awesome.

October casaundra

She is outgoing and festive and decorated our offices this month to reflect the upcoming Halloween celebration we are having. She keeps us all in good spirits and jacked up on candy. You could look at this in one of two ways, she's the pusher and we're beholden to her, and this post is entirely just to keep her happy and the candy flowing... Or she is providing a much needed service and she's like a fairy who sprinkles pixie dust in our hands in the form of blow pops and snickers and dark chocolate Milky Ways.

SYFY to premiere the Chilean format - Mundos Opuestos - basically there are two groups of people living in a house with a glass wall between them. So this is truly a chance for people to 'see how the other half lives.' The hook is that one grop lives in the past and the other lives in the future. Sounds loony, but could be cool. It's like ABC's Glass House but cooler. Now this is worth mentioning, not because I care any more about SyFy than any other net (I love them all and want them all to buy from us...) but I'm loving the interactivity intergration. Real time social media data effects the outcomes of the players. Harness that second screen experience SyFy!!! <3 it.

October21 25_p3

Love that Twitter is getting serious about the news game. Look, people break news on Twitter and the platform should figure out a way to verify the info, and then pump it out with a scroll or a promoted tweet so that people can see it and know that it is A) Real and B) Something of Note.

E! is on it this week and they've started tweeting about our new show!

Yes, we are the creators of #TDQ. 

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