Time Magazine Breastfeeding Cover Inspires New Reality Show

By Shine - Yahoo Blog

Collins' shows tend to garner plenty of attention because they offer a voyeuristic view into other people's lives. The National Geographic Channel's "American Colony: Meet the Hutterites," for example, takes a look at a small religious Anabaptist community in rural Montana; the show has beencondemned by Anabaptist leaders for portraying Hutterites in a "negative and inaccurate way." 

Another one of his most-popular productions, Lifetime's "Dance Moms," is constantly in the limelight for what seem to be the wrong reasons. Earlier this year, dance coach Abby Lee Miller came under fire for making her 8- to -12-year-old dancers don nude bras, pink feathered fans, and little else while performing a sexy burlesque routine. (It's "all about crotch and boobs!" she instructed the still flat-chested little girls in front of the cameras.) 

But Collins says that his program about extreme parenting would probably take a different tone. 

"There is only one 'Dance Moms'. You have to start fresh each time and find the core of what is true, what's real, to the person on screen," he says. "If you can do that it will resonate with the audience." 

No word yet on where the show would air -- "Right now we're in negotiation with several networks," Collins says -- but it will probably launch sometime this fall. And expect a few familiar faces: Collins confirms that at least one of the women from that Time magazine article about extreme parenting is involved with the show.

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