Yes, Your Parenting Is Ready For Prime Time TV

Lisa Belkin via HuffPo Parents

Those who believe their parenting skills are worthy of an audience have many chances to be seen in the near future. Apparently reality show producers also think the whole world needs to weigh in on different ways to raise children, based on the sample of casting calls made recently.

The latest, from the people who bring you "Dance Moms"and "American Stuffers," will be called "Extreme Parenting" (if one of the "multiple" cable networks bidding on the show come through, says producer Jeff Collins).

He was inspired to create the show, he says, after watching the national paroxysms of outrage over theTime magazine cover showing self-described "attachment parent" Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her 3-year-old son.

"I think it is fascinating when Americans find something to be provocative and upsetting," Collins explains. "We are a country of extremes. The shows I do peel back the curtain on the choices people make -- some of them will outrage other people."

Collins said long-term breastfeeding is "just one of the topics we are going to cover." "There are others that make breastfeeding a toddler look mild," he says, then asks if I have heard of such things as the "elimination communication" form of toilet training and "co-sleeping" (both of which might not shock him quite as much if he either had children or read any parenting websites).



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