What is YouView and Why you should care

By Dustin Hackett

“Brilliantly simple, and simply brilliant,” claims the UK YouView team. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but the world can only hope that this all in one TV box survives the 350 household test run that was released just a few days ago. Even though the box has encountered years of technical difficulties, you must commend them for their bravery and determination. YouView will be the first all in one TV box that doesn’t require a monthly subscription. You buy the box, set up broadband Internet, and you have access to all of your regular digital channels, plus catch-up TV from 7 days in the past. Time travel has been a mystery for decades and YouView has finally done it! But on a more serious note, you can’t help but wonder if they have bit off more than they can chew. With so many features such as apps and widgets, search options by actors name, and on-demand, hopefully the word “simple” will still apply.


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