Abby Lee Miller the Dance Whisperer

By Kate Mooney

The Girl Scouts’ 2011 national survey, called “ Real to Me: Girls and Reality TV,” reveals that reality TV is the most popular genre of programming among girls aged 11 to 17.New York mom Kate Cronin, a managing director of Ogilvy Public Relations, recently wrote about this phenomenon for the blog Womenology.

Cronin’s own girls (ages 14 and 9) are obsessed with “Dance Moms,” she says.Her 14-year-old jokingly suggested Cronin sign up her younger sister for dance classes, so the p.r. exec could be a dance mom who’s too busy working to interfere — unlike the obnoxious moms on the show.

“I think my daughters appreciate that, in the show, the mothers are silenced, that Abby constantly puts them in their place,” says Cronin. “Abby lets the kids shine on their own.”

Which may explain why some dance schools are reporting that — rather than being scared off by Miller’s bullying way — the girls want what Miller is selling.

For tweens, the dancing “Dance Moms” presents is something young girls want to try. Rysa Childress, owner of Allstar Studios in Forest Hills, Queens, says that her dancers between the ages of 7 and 12 are inspired by the talent and ability of the show’s dancers, who are in the same age group.“They’re constantly asking me, ‘How can I learn to do that trick?’ ” Childress says.



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