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By Jen Harper

"Dance Moms Miami" has already distinguished itself from its predecessor, "Dance Moms,"in a number of ways -- particularly when it comes to instructors Victor Smalley and Angel Armas versus Abby Lee Miller. Stars Dance Studio co-owner Victor, who was a Season 6 finalist on "So You Think You Can Dance," breaks down the differences between his style and Abby's and tells Zap2it what we can expect from his dancers this season on "Dance Moms: Miami." 

Did you watch the first two seasons of "Dance Moms"? What did you think?  
Yes, I watched both seasons, and I thought they were so addicting. It's always a great thing when dance is spread through television across America. However, all I could think was how different the show would be if it was based in Miami using my company, Stars. In my opinion, I see Abby Lee as Broadway and razzle dazzle, and I consider myself more of a cutting edge, contemporary artist. 

What can we expect from your routines?  
You can expect artistry, heart, passion and commitment shining through each dancer in my routines. I want to make the audience feel what the dancers are feeling on stage and for those three minutes enter their world.

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