By Ashley Arpel

People have always been obsessed with youth. Many strive to preserve it, yet others greet it with open arms and willingness. Are we simply too bored with our own adult lives? Or are we just trying to make ourselves feel better that we were never “16 and Pregnant” or “Engaged and Underage”?

On that note, Oxygen has given the greenlight to a new pilot titled “Teen Weddings”. The show is about; you guessed it, teenagers getting married!   Viewers will get a behind the scenes look at young couples bickering and making up as they move toward holy matrimony. From picking out the dress to planning the bachelor/bachelorette parties, we will all have a chance to follow their premature journeys.

Part of me is enthralled in our cultures approval of children trying to act like adults, but another part of me is outraged. I will admit that “Teen Mom” and “Teen Mom 2” are guilty pleasures of mine, but how many underage shows are we going to have? I guess it’s important for teenagers and young adults to watch these shows so they can really think about the type of person they want to be and what kind of life they want to lead. But is this some kind of fad? Will the public soon stop caring what happens to a teenage bride and/or mother, or will this stay in style like a little black dress? Is being underage the new LBD?


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