Dixie Shoots & Stuffs Her First Pheasant

By HuffPo

Dixie was pretty excited at the beginning and at the end of her pheasant-hunting adventure on "American Stuffers" (Thu., 10 p.m. EST on Animal Planet). The middle part, though, was a little touch-and-go, or as she put it, "disgusting."

She certainly seemed to enjoy the experience of going out pheasant hunting with the dogs and shooting down a bird. As she'd not yet stuffed a pheasant, Daniel though this was a great opportunity for her to learn. She'd be mounting her own kill, which in hunting culture, could make it an even more cherished experience.

But when he started opening up his bird to show her how to do it and found undigested corn inside the bird's stomach, her face twisted. "That's disgusting," she said, getting squeamish and uncomfortable. But Daniel took her through the process, and she certainly appreciated the final product.

"Taxidermy's cool. It's like a memory that you can keep," she said. "Every time I see this pheasant I'm gonna remember our hunt."

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