Feud Alert! Dance Moms Mother Strikes Back After Katherine Heigl Diss


Oh, it's on.

We thought Abby Lee Miller would be the first of the outspoken Dance Moms cast to give her two cents, but we were wrong!

Christi Lukasiak, one of the (saucy) mothers on the show, had a phone-in radio interview with Pittsburgh's 100.7 Star, and the hosts asked Christi what she thought about Katherine Heigl's recent Dance Moms diss, in which the actress criticized the show as "demeaning" and "belittling" to the girls with routines akin to "burlesque."

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Well, Chloe's mom had no idea about Heigl's comments until that moment, but you can bet a pair of jazz shoes that she gave her a piece of her mind...

Christi also shoots down any idea that she and the other mothers are "exploiting" their children, and instead argues that they are giving their girls, who want to be a part of this industry, a great opportunity.

So how does the interview end?

"Katherine Heigl can suck it," radio host Bubba said. "Yeah, that's what I say, but you said it, not me. I'm just agreeing," Christi exclaimed.



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