Dance Moms’ Maddie stars in Alexx Calise music video for “Cry”

By Bill Palmer

Fans of the Lifetime television show Dance Moms and its ten year old star Maddie Ziegler are plenty familiar with the song Cry, a ballad whose refrain “I don’t wanna do anything but cry” has become a de facto anthem for the show and its audience. Alexx Calise, the rock singer who wrote and performs the song, is now releasing Cry as a single – and she’s tapped Maddie to star in the accompanying music video which is out today.

The video delivers a contrast of emotions as a defiantly frustrated Alexx belts out the song with her Gibson guitar in hand, her omnipresent Airwalk shoes on her feet, and signature red streaks in her hair while a focused Maddie diligently performs a ballet routine inside the same hall. Alexx’s album In Avanti was released last year and has since seen its songs picked up for various placements, with Cry having become the most visible of the bunch after Maddie used it for a dance routine on Dance Moms. The rising popularity of the song comes as Alexx is entering the studio to record her next album, due out later this year. In the mean time she’s also responsible for the vocals on the recent debut album from a band called Sound of Cancer.

Calise says she wrote Cry, one of the most gentle and vulnerable moments on her album, during an emotional low point; much of the rest of her music sees her more brash and confident. “For years and years I’ve always been an acoustic player who just so happens to love rock music,” she tells Beatweek. “I guess over time I’ve transitioned into this rock artist. But at the core I’m very vulnerable. I’m still that person that you hear in Cry.”

So are dancer Maddie and rocker Alexx now on the same wavelength? They met for the first time late last year when Maddie traveled to Los Angeles for the video shoot. Much of the Cry video sees the two appearing to be emotionally oblivious to each other as Alexx aches and Maddie soars, but by the end of it Alexx seems to have embraced her circumstances while Maddie appears to be on the verge of shedding a tear of sympathy.

With the new season of Dance Moms underway and Alexx’s next album in the works, we’ll have to wait and see whether the two will see further collaboration. In the mean time, watch the music video for the Alexx Calise song Cry starring Maddie from Dance Moms on YouTube or watch it right here:




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