Kristin Chenoweth And Kelly Ripa Want To Be On 'Dance Moms' (VIDEO)

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Kelly Ripa and her "Live!" (weekdays on ABC) guest-host Kristin Chenoweth are both big fans of the reality show "Dance Moms." The two ladies compared "Dance Mom" notes on Wednesday, and after leveling some critiques against dance coach Abby Lee Miller and the kid dancers' moms, decided that they should be on the show.

"The children are all so talented and well adjusted ... I don't get it!" Ripa lamented. "Have you noticed they are more mature than the moms?" Chenoweth asked. "I can't get enough of it ... What's wrong with me that I want to meet them? I just want to meet Abby Lee and the mothers, and tell the mothers to shut up," Chenoweth joked.

Ripa's eyes lit up at the suggestion. "I bet you could be a celebrity judge, couldn't you?" she urged Chenoweth. "I'm goin', I'm goin', I'm goin' ... We're putting it out there," Chenoweth responded.

"We are available to judge children," Ripa offered. "We're like pocket sized-people, you'll hardly know we're there."

"Pocket divas!" Chenoweth exclaimed. The ladies then tried to give each other a high-five, but adorably swung and missed.

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