Yahoo's newest app, IntoNow

By Kelley Oorloff

Recently Yahoo launched its newest app, IntoNow. IntoNow is what I would call the lazy man's search engine. While watching Desperate Housewives to Sunday night football, IntoNow will find information that is relevant to your favorite television shows.

This application can be used with your smartphone or your tablet and once downloaded the only work you have to do is tap the green button on the screen. From the episode number, to synchronized news headlines, in-depth sports stats, and tweets from your favorite actors, the information is unlimited. IntoNow also makes interacting with friends and family easier, with options to connect to Facebook and Twitter, you can see what television shows your friends are watching and discuss and rate each episode.

On top of the information and interaction, IntoNow will also give you a recommended schedule of shows it thinks you would enjoy. I personally think this is a great application. While watching TV, I'm constantly online looking up information about the actors or episodes or anything interesting that will catch my eye. Instead of googling everything one at a time, IntoNow will do all the work while I sit back and enjoy my weekly shows!


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