How many chances is the world going to give this poor woman?

By Ashley Arpel

How many chances is the world going to give this poor woman? With the undying help of her ex-husband, Jon, Kate Gosselin has proven herself to be an ill-equipped and unsympathetic mother to her brood of 8. With cameras following her family's every move, and then her pathetic attempt at busting a move on "Dancing with the Stars", I'd say America is pretty embarrassed to call this woman a celebrity.

In more recent news, last week one of Gosselin's sextuplets was photographed climbing underneath the family's SUV. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the incident, however, that doesn't excuse the fact that an unsupervised child was lying in between four very large wheels. Of course millions people were outraged at this sight, and decided to let their judgments be known. Janette Fennell of states: "A minivan is a 3,000-pound, lethal weapon and having children crawling around it is not prudent." At this time there has been no statement from Gosselin's team.

Kate Gosselin has had to deal with ridicule and judgment for a very long time. I almost feel bad, writing about her, as I myself have never met the reality star. Her odd antics, however, are what keep us coming back for more!


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