Flight Attendents, Please Prepare For Your Reality Show

They should call it: The Hills in the Sky!!!

The CW is adding a new reality show to it's roster. This one will follow flight attendants who work for Virgin America Airlines. It's name: Fly Girls!

The show will follow five flight attendants as the jet-set across the country and enjoy places like New York City, South Beach, and where else, Las Vegas! The show's premise has the girls constantly looking for "good times, great parties, adventure and love."

Let's hope the latter isn't found in a airplane bathroom stall!!!!

Actually, scratch that. It's asking too much! There always has to be a whore!

Kristen Vadas, head of alternative programming for the CW, released a statement explaining more about the show:

{jb_quote}“This show is about real, down-to-earth young women who happen to have landed in an exceptionally glamorous, high-flying career filled with exotic locations and handsome strangers. We’re thrilled to be working with Virgin America for this unique peek into a whirlwind lifestyle that shows how tough it is to be grounded when you work 35,000 feet in the air.”{jb_quote}

Uh-huh, sure. Just one problem there: no "real, down-to-earth young" woman would actually do a crappy reality show. That's what makes them horribly wonderful!

The show has already been picked up for 8 episodes and is slated to premiere in early 2010.

Do U think you'll watch?

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