Collins Avenue's Cult Project finds a brave storyteller.

Elizabeth Vargas (20/20, ABC News) has signed an overall first-look development and production deal with A+E Networks. The centerpiece of the deal will make Vargas the face of the network’s new nonfiction primetime journalistic banner A&E Investigates, a collection of nonfiction series and specials that will utilize Vargas’ background in investigative reporting.

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Abby Goes to Prison & Tells all in New Special


In a two-hour special, DANCE MOMS: ABBY TELLS ALL EXCLUSIVE, premieres on Tuesday, July 25 at 8pm ET/PT, and features Abby's final days of freedom as well as an exclusive sit-down interview with Jedediah Bila, co-host of ABC's "The View" and television personality.

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Kew Media buys ContentMedia

By Jordan Pinto

Kew Media Group has made a move to acquire Bristow Global Media (BGM), Architect Films, Frantic Films, Media Headquarters Film and TV, and Our House Media, as well as London- and LA-based film and TV distribution company Content Media Corporation (CMC). In acquiring CMC, Kew will also bring five companies that are controlled by CMC under its umbrella: New York-based Jigsaw Productions from Academy Award-winner Alex Gibney; Helsinki, Finland-based Aito Media Oy; LA-based Collins Avenue Productions; LA-based Campfire Film & Television; and London-based Spirit Digital Media Limited.

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Kew Media Group Acquires Six Companies, For $104M

By Diana Lodderhoseh5>

The deal sees Kew Media take 100% ownership of Content Media, which recently sold projects such as Sundance premiere Cries From Syria and distributed BBC police drama Line of Duty, along with five other companies: Toronto-based producers Architect Films, Bristow Global Media, Media Headquarters Film & Television, Our Media House and Frantic Films.

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We are very pleased to announce that Kew has acquired Sienna Films, an award-winning Toronto-based scripted production company run by the very talented Jennifer Kawaja and Julia Sereny.

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Collins Avenue is proud to welcome, Kew's newly acquired company, Australia-based Essential Quail Media Group (EQ Media) to the family. EQ Media is helmed by Chris Hilton, Greg Quail, Sonja Armstrong, and Jesse Fawcett, who have established themselves as significant suppliers in the US and Australian non-scripted space with smash hits such as Texas Flip ’N Move (Scripps - now in its 9th season) and Restored (Scripps - now in its 3rd season). 

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Introducing Poppy Jamie TDQ 105 Recap

By Jorge Leon


Celebrities just love her. CMEG decided to sponsor her work visa, so they have to get her working within the 3 months or it's bye bye Poppy!

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Who the hell is Tamara Henry? TDQ 104 Recap

By Jorge Leon


She has been sending Marki dvd’s at least once a month for 19 years. And no one knows who she is... Perhaps there is a reason.

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Dance Moms Xmas Special - 2013



Having it all ain't all it's cracked up to be. -- TDQ 103 Recap

By Allison Lehman

Allie Lehman

"Though it may seem like Marki Costello has it all, having it all doesn’t always mean getting what you want."

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Get into the sack with Marki. - TDQ Ep. 2 Recap

By Jorge Leon

marki-sackMarki Costello says Management is like dating.

On this 2nd episode we meet two potential clients who are ready for Hollywood and CMEG, but first they have to go through makeovers and photo shoots.

Do you have what it takes to get into the sack with Marki? 

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Reality Tv News for October 21-25

By Kamico Drakes

This is what you missed this week, and this is what I think you should be reading about pertaining to #realitytv.

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Lifetime Orders (AUDC) 'Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition'

By Lacey Rose, Leslie Bruce

"Dance Moms’" Abby Lee Miller, Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin and choreographer Richard Jackson will serve as judges for the child dancers when the series launches this fall.

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Meet the Hutterites tackles the big question: Are the Hutterites a cult.

By Mechele R. Dillard

Given the controversies that have come to light during the course of the Meet the Hutterites reality television series on National Geographic, it is a good idea that they had an episode dealing with the view of the outside world regarding Hutterites, including the concern that the Hutterites are a cult.

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Time Magazine Breastfeeding Cover Inspires New Reality Show

By Shine - Yahoo Blog

"When you watch any of my shows you can see a common thread -- I'm interested in peeling back the curtain to look at choices other people make that will have a huge impact on their children or their lives," he continued. "I'm fascinated by the way other people raise their children. I grew up in a very conservative small town and everyone kind of raised their kids with the exact same values so it's interesting to me to see so many people breaking the mold of tradition." - Jeff Collins

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'American Colony: Meet the Hutterites' Hits a Series Rating High

By Tvbythenumbers

American Colony: Meet the Hutterites is now tracking as the network’s second highest-rated series of the summer, behind only Taboo.  Four more premiere episodes will continue Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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The Drama Queen

ByKamico Drakes

#Humblebrag -- We're in the process of shooting a new show premiering Nov 10th, for E!

It will come on directly after the Kardashians and it's called "The Drama Queen." It stars Marki Costello. Don't know who that is? Tune in to get someexclusive behind the scenes pics!!

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Hutterite says NatGeo & Collins didn’t exploit rural colony for reality show

By Chris Lisee

Wesley Hofer, a prominent character on “American Colony: Meet the Hutterites,” said in a press statement that the participants were all “adults who are capable of making rational decisions regarding Hutterite life on King (Ranch) Colony. The notion that we were taken advantage of, as if we were innocent children, is nonsense.”

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National Geographic Exec Defends American Colony

By AP Wire

David Lyle, National Geographic Channel's CEO, vigorously defended the channel and the series.

"This is a declaration of war from the Hutterite elders against the National Geographic Society, calling into account our fairness," Lyle said. "We absolutely are fairly representing the King community."

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